Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is manufactured by cold pressing the freshly harvested mature seeds. It is double micro filtered to achieve the maximum purity. Our product has got high value in cosmetic applications due to its light weight and deep penetrating property into the skin. It has many benefits mainly in hair care and skin care application. Now you have got the right place to buy superior quality product from our factory at a reasonable bulk price.

We carry out extraction of this oil at our factory facilities from quality seeds. We get high yield of this oil from PKM1 seeds that are extracted using modern oil extraction equipment’s. This oil has been used for multi-various applications for different fields. Unrefined oil is extracted using expellers. We make sure that during the extraction process the temperature is maintained at ambient levels. Universities and research institutions take up research projects to identify the new applications of this oil. Low density and stability of this oil are salient features that make the oil unique for versatile usage. We provide complete support to our distributors and you can start to order them.

Our product has 75% oleic acid content and can be equivalent to olive oil in different features. Our manufacturing processes meet quality standards. We exercise special attention to avoid chemicals, solvents and heat in our extraction process.

Cold pressed moringa seed oil

Our product obtained through the cold press process is pure and packed as per client’s requirements. You can become our distributor for your region and get profits. It is equal to olive oil in properties, because of its constitution and fatty acid content. This is used as alternate for olive oil in manufacture of healthcare products. Free radicals are responsible for creating various skin conditions. They can cause fine lines, blemishes and chronic infections. Our skin is heavily exposed to external pollutants, bacteria and viruses. It makes the pores smaller and protects the skin from infections. It can fight against free radicals due to 1700 anti-oxidants in it.

Moringa oleifera oil properties

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Skin/hair nutrition
  • Anti aging properties
  • Antioxidants and nutrients degrade free radicals
  • Useful in eliminating environmental pollutants
  • Natural detoxifying and cleanser
  • Encourages skins natural health and glow
  • Work against wrinkles, pimples and black heads

In order to attain oil benefits, just apply it on your skin and massage regularly. Your skin gets glow, healthier and softer due to vitamins and proteins present in it. Oil secretion control decides whether your skin is oily, normal or dry type. It has to maintain the elasticity this is due to collagen, elastin in the skin. These two are form of protein that makes up connective tissue in the body. Both of them work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape. Their depletion causes visible signs in the form of facial wrinkles. Our oil with its Vitamin C, B, E and phyto-estrogen constitution increases collagen and elastin production. Its application includes thin film lubrication, specifically for light weight machinery and devices.

High anti-oxidant in the oil result in medicinal uses of moringa oil and henceforth it is used as a base in majority of personal care products. As our BioG oil is offered in unrefined condition, it tends to solidify easily. Due to its rich fatty acid content, the oil forms crystals when stored at cold temperature. Gentle warming of the container in hot water bath will return back the oil to its normal liquid stage.